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La Valentina, with Vale n' Tina, is a podcast about queer friendship! We celebrate queer Latinx artists and our accomplices! Take a listen queridxs!

Aug 20, 2021

We are back back back again!!

We are so excited to announce our upcoming fall interview series: Latin-x-equis a series of interviews that explores LATINX Contemporary Art in the USA, with a focus in the DMV area.

Leading up to the release of Latin-X-Equis in October, we have partnered with The Corner & Whitman Walker gallery and  where we have an installation that invites viewers to voice their own opinions about LATINX ART.

call our office at 202 - 670 - 9739 and leave us a voicemail -  we want to know, what does Latinx Art mean to you? Your responses will be included in our upcoming series! 

This series is generously supported by the GLB memorial fund.